Focal Topic Proposal

In about 500 words, tell me about the focal topic you’ve chosen to work with this semester. It’s ok if you are still a bit uncertain–that’s what your subsequent research are for–but try your best to describe what you’re thinking now. Use the questions below to help guide your response:

  • Why are you interested in exploring this topic?
  • What are the major problems, questions, or concerns stemming from this focal topic?
  • What kinds of arguments might you make about your focal topic? What mediums and/or genres would those arguments be best suited for?
  • Where might conversations about this topic be taking place (blogs, academic journals, mainstream news, etc.)? Who is writing/speaking about this topic?
  • Who is invested in this topic (who are the stakeholders, or who might be directly affected by decisions made about this focal topic)?

Post this to your blog by Friday Feb. 13.


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