Visual Verbal Design Rubric

In your groups, develop the criteria that should be utilized to grade the visual-verbal argument project. They must be clear and specific, and they must demonstrate your rhetorical understanding of rhetoric and design principles by incorporating concepts read and discussed in class. Generate a specific set of at least 4-5 criteria for each of the following categories. You can have more than 5 if you want.

  • Design (typography, color, arrangement, CRAP, etc.)
  • Rhetorical awareness (audience, purpose, context, exigence, rhetorical appeals, etc)
  • Process (drafting, revision, reflective analysis)

Please avoid vague statements such as the images are attractive; the color looks professional, etc. Specify what you mean by attractive and professional. Do you mean the image creates clarity by showing a good use of contrast and color scheme?

Groups 224 A:

Group One: Abbey, Max, Mary, Justin

Group Two: Taylor, Katie, Kevin, Claire

Group Three: Erin, Reid, Alec, Erin

Group Four: Jordan, Olivia, Brian, Alexa

Group Five: Ashley, Erin, Morgan, Ian

Group Six: John, Matt, Grace, Hannah, Adam


Groups 224 B:

One: Steph, Claire, Mack, Rosie

Two: Alison, Kevin, Maria, Kate, Johnny

Three: Amanda B, Sarah, Gwen, Conner

Four: Amanda W, Maggie, Kelsey, Carolyn

Five: Hannah, Angela, Caroline, Colin


Groups 224 F:

One: Scout, Emily, Addie, Mary Allison

Two: Josh, Morgan B, Baixue, Clare

Three: Nick, Abbey, Anne, Hannah

Four: Joe, Jordan, Laura, Sara

Five: Megan, Matt, Lilly, Harry

Six: Ben, Maddie, Katie, Eddie, Morgan D.


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