Visual Verbal Design Rubric for Evaluation

Here is the compiled rubric from our class discussion last week. These are the criteria I will be using to evaluate your visual verbal design projects.


  • logical arrangement (eye knows where to travel) for the argument
  • effective color use (contrast)
  • utilizes white space
  • visual elements appropriate for tone
  • typeface appropriate for rhetorical purpose
  • if using more than one font, fonts should be cohesive  and rhetorically appropriate
  • good quality (high res) images
  • visual and verbal elements work together rhetorically

Rhetorical Awareness:

  • clear audience and destination
  • plausible call to action: clear take away (is it clear what you want your audience to feel, to think, to do?)
  • message is effectively delivered: rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)
  • engages with cultural context/responds to a clear need
  • clear purpose: to inform; to persuade, educate, raise awareness


  • apparent, conscious changes from Rough Draft to final in response to feedback
  • time, effort, and thought went into project
  • Reflective analysis: analyze your decisions, analyzes strengths and  weaknesses, clarifies your intent/purpose, audience, method of delivery

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