Audio Script Format

For the audio project script, you’ll create what is essentially a road map to your planned project. Tell me what music, sound effects, vocals, and silences you’ll use, and when.

Note: Remember, you’re writing a script that will be read aloud. Make sure your stylistic choices reflect that!

Sample Audio Script 

MUSIC: [10 seconds, lively instrumental fade in to]

SPEAKER 1: [15 seconds, enthusiastic young woman, music fades out behind her voice] This is my audio project! I’m so excited to be recording this for my favorite class, ENG/IMS 224. I really hope I get an A on this project!

SPEAKER 2: [10 seconds, equally enthusiastic and energetic young man] Audio composing is really cool. I’m a little nervous, though, because I’ve never done a project like this. What if I…

[silence, 2 seconds]


MUSIC [5 seconds foreboding piano music begins, fades into SPEAKER 1 and plays behind her voice]


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