Audio Script Peer Response

Response: Audio Script


Your name:

Composer’s name:


*Note: You may to either talk to or email your peer to find out their vision for the audio project so that you can answer all of the questions here fully. I highly recommend doing this in advance of the due date. Once you’ve had that conversation, chat or email discussion, read your team member’s script with a constructive, encouraging and yet critical eye. Respond to the questions below and post this document to your peer’s Google drive folder, saved as: “Feedback by <your name> for <person’s name> ”.




  • In 1-2 sentences, write what you think is the argument/message of the piece. How clear and/or effective is this argument/message?


  • What is your overall impression of the textual content? What effects does it have on you as Peer a listener/reader? Give honest impression so the author can understand how the text is functioning.


  • Highlight or underline all of the words that you feel are “vivid,” words that left an emotional resonance or impact. How many are there? The more the better.


  • What areas need more work? Be specific.


  • Having discussed whom the composer has envisioned as the audience for the piece, do you agree after reading the script? How effective has the composer been in connecting with this audience so far?

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