Podcasts/Sound Compositions as a Genre

There are as many different types of podcasts as there are topics. For example, someone could publish a podcast about fly fishing – or gardening, or politics, or polka music. You might find a listing describing this podcast on a directory such as Podcast Alley, or you might see it listed on the iTunes Music Store (accessible with iTunes only). Subscribe to that podcast (for free) and your computer will automatically download a new episode whenever it is available. With iTunes you can transfer your downloaded podcast episodes to an iPod, the popular portable music player that helped give rise to the term.

Looking at iTunes, you realize some “podcasts” are just radio shows put on the internet: iTunes’s most popular podcasts are mostly public radio fare (like “This American Life” and “Radiolab”). But, the podcast is not simply a technology or a channel.

Alex Blumberg explains: “It’s the most intimate of mediums. It’s even more intimate than radio. Often you’re consuming it through headphones. I feel like there’s a bond that’s created.”

To consider:



Limitations or Constraints


Who are the audiences?

How does this factor into your own thoughts about possibilities for your sound projects?




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