Evaluation Criteria Audio Composing

Rhetorical Features

Cohesiveness among elements to establish argument
relevance to the focal topic when using sound, silence, and spoken words. Do the sound effects contribute to the thesis of the piece? If the music is high quality (technical and musical) and intentional versus random instruments
Establishes ethos pathos and logos
Message or argument is clear
Evoking intentional responses/emotions from the audience
Appropriate rhetorical choices to appeal to audience
appropriate rhetorical choices for context/venue

Technical Features

Include spoken words
Include music/sound effects
Silence is used effectively
High sound quality; minimal static
Sounds/music used fairly/no copyright infringement
Uses audacity (or chosen software) effectively (Smoothes out audio, removes unseemly background sounds)
technical choices support the rhetorical message
Are there smooth transitions?
has the audio been edited
different elements serve a rhetorical purpose


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