Peer Workshop

Multimodal Video Project: Draft 2 Peer Workshop Questions

Copy and paste these questions into a new Google doc in your group member’s folder, if you can. If not, put it in your folder. Title your doc “[Your name] feedback for [group member]” and answer the questions below:

What is the argument of this video? What action does it ask its audience to take?

Who do you think is the target audience for this video? How would you recommend sharing/delivering this video so that it reaches its intended audience?

Consider the rhetorical appeals at work:
what kind of emotions does it raise? (pathos)
what kind of logic does this video assume? What beliefs or assumptions must the audience hold for the argument to work? (logos)

What sources/elements does the video use to make it credible for its audience? What kind of persona does the author create, and is it appropriate for the purpose of the video? (ethos)

Does the video have all required multimodal elements (text, images, video, audio)? Do these elements work well individually and together to support the author’s purpose?

What’s working well right now? What needs more work? Do you have any other comments?

224 A Groups:

Erin, Kevin, Alec, Jordan
Max, Mary, Katie, Adam
Morgan, Brian, Alexa
Ian, Taylor, Olivia, John
Abbey, Grace, Claire, Reid
Gabby, Ashley, Hanna, Justin


224 B Groups:

Stephanie, Claire, Alison, Mack
Carolyn, Rosie, Maggie, Amanda B, Sarah
Hannah, Angel, Kate, Ana
Gwen, Caroline C, Maria, Amanda, Johnny
Kelsey, Colin, Kevin, Conner

224 F Groups:

Maddie, Joe, Abbey, Laura
Megan, Emily, Sara, Hannah
Morgan B, Scout, Katie, Ben
Eddie, Lily, Nick, Clare
Matt, Annie, Jordan, Harry, Mary Allison
Josh, Baixue, Addie, Morgan D


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