Things I hope you’ve Learned

1) I’m proud of you. This course asks you to do a lot of things, to use technology in new ways, think outside of your comfort zone, take risks.

2) You should, therefore, be proud of yourselves. Some of you did amazing, engaging, creative work. I hope you don’t stop just because class is over.

3) I think that those of you who really loved your topics saw how that transforms your work. I hope you’ll carry that with you into classes that aren’t quite structured like 224. That passion and excitement can make all the projects you do in college mean more.

4) I hope that even though it was a class and had to be structured in places you got a sense of the playfulness and fun we can infuse into digital writing and interactive media. It’s important to have fun with your work.

5) Remember that 224 is meant to help you build skills as well. If you’re going to take more classes in IMS and/or classes like the PW capstone or visual rhetoric, you want to keep working your new digital writing muscles. Make sure you do something every couple of weeks in each of the new software/media forms you’ve learned. You don’t want to lose these skills, and you’ll get a little better each time.

7) I know some of you hated the blogs, but you should consider blogging. It’s a good way to get your writing out there, to build an online presence, to engage people in conversation, etc. Now that class is over you can adopt a more casual voice, of course. But think about that.

8) I hope this class also made you think about what you are putting out there. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn matter to your future career. I know so many students who have had bad experiences in interviews because of a photo or post on Facebook. Make sure you’re always thinking rhetorically about what you’re putting out there.

9) Likewise I hope that you learned in this class that rhetoric can be applied to anything/everything. It’s not just a “school” way of thinking; I do on-the-fly rhetorical analysis of TV shows and movies as I’m watching them. Rhetoric helps us understand the world better. Use it when you can.

and lastly…

10) I’m still here, if you want to talk more about any of your projects, if you have questions about stuff later, etc. Don’t think that because class is ending you can’t contact me. I’m still here, still geeking out about technology and other nerdy stuff.


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