Academic Citizenship


I expect this class to be an open and tolerant learning environment for everyone. While I encourage you to explore and advocate your own opinions, inflammatory language founded in ignorance or hate is unacceptable and will be dealt with immediately. I cannot tolerate disruptive language, which includes, but is not limited to, violent and/or belligerent and/or insulting remarks, including sexist, racist, homophobic or anti-ethnic slurs, bigotry, and disparaging commentary, either spoken or written (offensive slang is included in this category).

When class begins, I expect your attention, as do your classmates. Any disruption or continued distraction will be viewed as disrespect and may result in you being asked to leave class for the day. Please silence your cell phones when you enter the classroom.

This classroom functions on the premise of respect, and you will be asked to leave the classroom if you violate any part of this statement on respect.


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