Attendance & Late Work

Attendance is an important part of this class. If you are not here, you cannot participate in discussions, peer response, and other important class work that will help you succeed. I will allow two unexcused absences throughout the semester: that’s a week’s worth of class. Every unexcused absence beyond this limit will result in your final grade being lowered by 50 points (the equivalent of a half a letter grade). Even if you are absent, your work is due on the assigned due date or it will be counted as late (see late policy). Not showing up for your required conferences with me will count as an absence as well. You should always inform me, ahead of time when possible, if you will miss class.

You will be counted as tardy if you come in after I’ve taken roll. If you are late to class three times, it will be counted as an absence.

Note: Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. If you are facing a serious situation that will impact your ability to attend class or complete assignments, let me know as soon as possible so that we can form a plan.

Late Work

This class provides you support at every stage of an assignment, from brainstorming to drafting, revising, and editing. Because you will have weeks to complete each major project, I expect all assignments to be turned on their assigned dates. You will need to have drafts ready at each peer workshop—that means posted in your Google drive folder for this class (or other designated space), ready for your peers to access. A late draft or assignment will lose you one letter grade per day. If you come unprepared, you cannot participate. Blog posts must be posted before class begins. If you are late posting your blog, you’ll have up to a week after the original due date to post for half credit. Blogs that are more than a week late will receive no credit.


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