Online Activity

There are some class activities that will happen in public internet space. There are two important caveats I want to share with all of you. Please read this carefully.

I will also ask you, as a part of this class, to engage in acts of public online writing, using spaces like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. All of these places I might ask you to write, visit, etc. will be free, but it is important that you realize what you say and do there is public, meaning that in many cases other people can and will see what you’ve said/done.

Due to this, I wish to respect your potential need for privacy. If for some reason you cannot, or simply are not comfortable, writing in public online spaces, please let me know BEFORE the first such assignment is due and we can work together to come up with an alternative. I do, however, greatly encourage all of you to engage in public writing not just because it’s a powerful learning tool but also because you will be engaging in the same sorts of public writing in your careers (both in college and after college). There’s no time like now to learn the ins-and-outs of these specific rhetorical situations.


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