Technology Policy

We live in a digital world where we work on multiple devices in multiple places. You are responsible for keeping copies of your course work — at least two copies in two different locations — so that if you should have an MSF (massive system failure), you can recover your work. This includes making frequent saves while working, particularly when doing multimodal projects. Programs crash and technology fails; it’s not a question of if but when. If you don’t back up your work and something happens to the only copy, I will sigh loudly and put my palm over my face, and you will, sadly, have a lot of work to make up.


Platform compatibility, file transfer, and e-mail attachments are sometimes irritating, though rarely unsolvable, problems. It is your responsibility as sender/writer to submit files to your instructor and to your classmates in an accessible, downloadable format. For this class, we will be posting most of our work in either Google drive or our blogs. You are responsible for making sure your work is in the right place, and is the correct version for response and evaluation.

Additionally, it is YOUR responsibility as a student in this class to check your MU email daily and to access the class site on a regular basis for updates, deadlines, and course content.


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