Digital Commonplace Book

This semester, I will ask you to keep a blog that will serve as a digital commonplace book. Commonplace books, popular in Early Modern Europe, were scrapbooks of sorts where writers could compile quotes, letters, lists, prayers, poems–basically a curated collection of literacy artifacts. Your blog will act as a commonplace book centered around your work for this class. At the beginning of the semester, I will ask you to respond to specific prompts. But, eventually, you’ll be posting your own research. These “commonplace posts” must identify, respond to, and reflect on at least 2 artifacts (blog posts, scholarly articles, videos, tweets, music, images, etc.) relevant to your focal topic and/or current project. You can choose to post artifacts that are shaping your thinking, or perhaps materials that you may want to re-use later. Either way, each of the two artifacts must be in a different genre or medium (you can’t post two video ads for example), and you must write around 500 words of your own commentary and analysis.

I will list when blog posts are due on the schedule, but typically you’ll post once a week.

Criteria for Evaluating Commonplace Posts:

  • Engage with multiple sources of information, including academic, peer-reviewed journals
  • Be thoughtful and thorough
  • Include commentary and analysis of your thoughts; does not simply “repost” what others’ have written
  • Contain titles and tag posts so the post is organized, easy to search, and clear

One thought on “Digital Commonplace Book

  1. minniemk says:

    Dr. Ralston,should these 2 artifacts have a similar purpose? (i.e. is each post 500 words total reflecting on the artifacts as a pair/group, or 500 words of analysis for each artifact individually?)


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