Multimodal Video Project

For the final project in the course, you will construct a multi-layered multimodal video argument about your focal topic. Your project will consist of one extensive argument or a series of less extensive but still closely related arguments, targeted for a specific audience and purpose. To accomplish this, I ask that your video explicitly advocate for something: that is, your video will not just inform your audience about a particular issue/event arising from your focal topic, but will move them to take action, like joining an organization, voting, volunteering, or changing behavior (think recycling, or quitting smoking, adopting a shelter pet). The final video should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length.

Your video must show evidence of extensive research and familiarity with the topic, rhetorical awareness of the affordances and limitations of different modalities, rhetorical concepts taught throughout the class, and design principles. Your project must include:

  • alphabetic texts
  • visual images
  • video with motion
  • audio (music, sound effects, or voice)
  • principles of effective rhetoric and design for the particular argument(s) you’re making

You’ll begin by creating a proposal for your project. You’ll then develop a storyboard, which we will conference on in small peer response groups. You will also have the chance to create a video draft before you present your final video to the class. Your final video will be accompanied by a reflective analysis (1250-1500 words) in which you explain your process and analyze your rhetorical choices. Additionally, your reflective analysis will include a circulation plan for your video, addressing how you might attract attention for your project and cause. Although I will not require you to share your project in public, online venues like YouTube or Facebook, I encourage you to do so. 

Due Dates/Grade Breakdown

Visual Rhetorical Analysis:  (50 points) Due: April 23 by midnight on Google Drive or link emailed to me if you use Prezi or other web-based software.

Draft 1: (storyboard) (10 points) Due when you have your group conference either April 16 or April 20, 2015.

Draft 2:  for peer response (video) (20 points) Due: April 28 in class for Peer Review

Peer Response:  (20 points) April 28

Presentations: (10 points) May 5 & 7

Final Draft:   (115 points) Due: May 12 

Reflective analysis:  (75 points) Due: May 12

TOTAL: 300 points


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