Visual Verbal Design

For this project, you will create an image-and-text-based argument using Adobe Photoshop and other design software. This argument should arise from your focal topic, which we’ll develop together in class. Like any argument, your design should identify a specific audience and purpose. You may decide your project’s purpose is to raise awareness, to move your audience to do something related to your topic, or to change how your audience thinks about or perceives issues related to your focal topic.

You can create any visual-verbal text that you want. The key is that it combines text and images and is targeted for a specific location or venue, either online or in print. For example, you could create an ad (for a specific publication), a flyer (for a specific student organization to post around campus), a billboard (located in a specific city), an invitation (to a specific event), etc. You face certain design/formatting issues with printed pieces that you won’t face if you’re designing something that will live exclusively online. We’ll discuss these considerations and constraints more in class, but be certain to consider how they’ll shape your design.

Whatever your purpose is, you must make careful design decisions drawing from the rhetorical terms we have defined up until this point in the semester and the design principles we will study and practice:

  • CRAP Principles: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity
  • Color
  • Typeface
  • Arrangement
  • White Space
  • Texture
  • Verbal Content/Style

We’ll work together to create the grading criteria that will answer the question of what makes a rhetorically effective visual-verbal design piece. When you turn in your final draft, you will also turn in a reflective essay (750-1000 words) that explains your process and analyzes your use of visual and verbal rhetoric. I’ll share a more detailed prompt for the reflection in class.

Grade Breakdown/Due dates: 

Rhetorical Analysis: /20 points

Draft: /10 points

Peer Response: /10 points

Final Draft: /40 points

Reflection: /40 points

TOTAL:  120 points


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