Course Resources

Google Drive Folders:


ENG/IMS 224 B 


Miami Writing and Technology Resources


  • Creative Commons
    An organization that allows people to copyright their work under shared licensing agreements (meaning other people can use it).
  • Chilling Effects
    A website (from a libertarian slant) detailing threats to Free Speech online. Covers numerous topics including fan fiction, linking, domain names, etc.

Informed Consent / Release Form for Image, Video or Audio recording

Places to Find Images & Audio

Digital Collections Accessible through MU Libraries

  • A rich resource of digital works, includes the following: American Memory Project (created and maintained bu the Library of Congress), Artstor (over 300,000+ images from around the world), and Greater Cincinnati Memory Project (archives from the city and surrounding counties in Ohio and Kentucky).

Creative Commons Search Page for Images, Sound, and Video Footage


  • Do an advanced search on Flickr for Creative Commons licensed photos.
  • Use a free stock photo site, such as stock.xchng


  • A site that allows you to browse for hundreds of free fonts, plus you can type text in and see what it looks like in the various fonts.
  •  Hosts over 26,000 free fonts
  • Behance Not all fonts on Behance are free, but I’ve linked here to a gallery of free ones.
  • Pinterest There are numerous pinterest boards dedicated to fonts, just be smart about following links that have been pinned and make sure you search for free fonts.

Music and Sound

Free sites for converting video (e.g. YouTube files) to mp3 audio files

Downloading YouTube Videos to Your Local Machine


Web Design/Standards/Accessiblity

  • Web Style Guide, 2nd. Edition (Note: This text is a bit out-of-date in its discussion of tables rather than CSS, but its discussion of basic design principles, particularly in Chapter 4 are excellent.)
  • Designing With Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman (2nd Edition)
    This gives an overview plus some on principles of designing sites with web standards. It is written for all levels of knowledge and is quite informative.
  • Guidelines for Writing for the Web according to Jakob Nielsen (note: these are a bit over-simplified, but still useful)

Color Wheels / Color Design

Digital Images


Editing sound/Audacity

Adding Captioning/Subtitles to Videos

Determining who owns a domain name


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