Note: This schedule is a rough outline and does not necessarily include all details of class activities. This schedule may change (due to class needs or unexpected events), but I will always give plenty of notice.

Most recent assignments are first. Older classes are moved to the bottom of the list.



Monday, May 11 Dr. Ralston will be in her office BAC 365 from 10:30-1:00 to answer questions.

Tuesday, May 12 Dr. Ralston will be in the classroom from 8-10; then in her office from 1-4.

  • Final drafts of Multimodal Video and  reflections due by 5 P.M. May 12


Week 14

April 28

  • In class: Peer response/work day; sign up for presentations
  • HW for next class: prepare multimodal video projects for presentation

April 30

  • In class: Evaluation Criteria for Multimodal Video Project, Possibly Presentations if anyone is prepared
  • Last Minute Workday Questions, On-Demand Support from Dr. Ralston

Week 15

T May 5

  • In class: presentations

R May 7

  • In class: presentations, course wrap up, course evals

Week 13

T April 21

R April 23

  • In class: Work day, Evaluation Criteria
  • HW for next class: Multimodal Video Draft 2  (post to Google drive)

Week 12

T April 14

  • In class: Intro Rhetorical Analysis 3;  Watch Example Videos, Anderson’s “Slow Combers
    Playing with Camtasia, Intro to iMovie, WeVideo 
  • HW for next class: Post Video Proposal, Multimodal Video Draft 1 in the form of Storyboard: post to Google drive); Sign up for Conferences

R April 16

  • In class: NO CLASS (group conferences with drafts of Storyboard)



Week 11

T April 7

  • Bring Headphones to class, Evaluation Criteria
  • In class: Check in on Audio project, workday
  • HW for next class:  Find a short (1-2 minute) rhetorically effective video that makes an argument or advocates for something and post it to your blog. (It doesn’t have to relate directly to your focal topic, although it certainly could). Be prepared to talk about and share your videos in class on Thursday. 

R April 9

Week 10

T March 31

Class Canceled, Work Day: Work on and Post Audio Script by midnight April 2
HW:  Read “Why Men Always Tell You to Watch Movies,” Watch “The 8 Expressions of a Brand in Sound,” post a reading Response to your blog that focuses on either text

R April 2

Class Canceled, Dr. Ralston at PCA/ACA Conference in New Orleans
Peer Review Audio Scripts

Week 9 

March 23-29


Week 8 

T March 17

R March 19

 Week 7

T March 10

  • In class:  Midterm, 
  • HW for next class: Read McKee, “Sound Matters,” Listen to This American Life episode 111 “Mapping” (listen to Act Two, “Hearing”), Write Commonplace Post on blog

R March 12

  • Familiar Sounds, Intro/invent audio project, Focal Topic Playlist
  • HW for next class: Listen to Radiolab’s “Kill ‘em All” (also available through iTunes), 
  • Browse 99% Invisible Archives, Choose 2 episodes to listen to (each one is about 12 minutes) You can also download these through iTunes.
  • Using a recording device (most cell phones have an app that allows for voice memos or audio recordings), record at least 10 minutes of audio from diverse places: your dorm or apartment, a classroom, your walk to class, a night out at a bar, a Zumba class, in line at Chipotle, a nature hike, etc. Try to get as many interesting and diverse sounds as you possibly can. We will work with these next work during the Audacity workshop, but I want you to work on recording sounds between now and then.Some apps for recording audio:

iPhone: Voice Memo (already installed on with your iOS–easy-to-use and can send audio files via email)

Android: Cogi (free download from Google play–able to upload audio files to Google drive, dropbox, or email)


Week 6

T March 3

In class: Ethics of new media design, Lessig at TED ; In-class work day

R March 5



Week 5

T Feb 24

  • In class:  Photoshop Workshop
  • HW for next class :Draft Visual Verbal Design project (post as .JPG or .PDF to Google drive, don’t forget to save a Photoshop file for yourself too!)

R Feb 26

Week 4

T Feb 17

R Feb 19

Week 3

T Feb 1o

  • In class: Discuss and practice rhetorical analysis, Let’s Talk Typography
  • HW for next class:  Revise digital literacy narrative: Choose a theme/concept/statement from your digital literacy narrative.  Using visual elements: typography, color, font size and shape, create a poster from your narrative. Have fun! Post to Google docs as a jpg or pdf before class on Thursday. Be prepared to share these in class on Thursday.
  • Blog post: Focal Topic Proposal (begin working on your topic proposal due Friday Feb. 13)

R Feb 12

  • In class:   More rhetorical analysis practice , Focal topic check-in
    Review redesigned digital literacy narratives
  • HW for next class:  Read Non-Designer’s Design Book p. 81-85 and p. 145-152.
  • Post to blog: Over the weekend, choose two hours to record every visual text that you encounter (everything that’s been designed to catch your eye and persuade you to do/think something). This post is due before class on Tuesday. 
  • Don’t forget to finish your focal topic proposal and post it to your blog by Friday Feb. 13


Week 2

T Feb 3

In Class: Introduce and discuss focal topics, discuss Readings, Quiz on foundations of Rhetoric
Digital Composing Narratives

  • HW for next class: Read Wysocki, “The Multiple Media of Texts” . As you read, write down questions, concepts, terms, anything you’re not sure of and want to better understand. When we start with questions on Thursday, I want you to have one ready.
  • Finish Digital Composing Narrative and submit it to Google Drive (your folder) Thursday by midnight.

R Feb 5


Week 1

T Jan 27

  • In Class: Course Intro: Syllabus, student intros/interviews
  • HW for next class: Set up blog and send URL to Dr. D, Review course materials, Read Everything Is an Argument Ch. 1,
  • Write your About Me post on your blog.

R Jan 29


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